About Us

We propose the top brand kitchen appliances including Indesit, Hotpoint, LG, Samsung and Beko that you know you can rely on and that will offer you the performance and perfection that you expect at very competitive prices.

We make choosing a kitchen appliance easy, with such a range of leading brand names in a selection of designs, you are guaranteed to find the one that will blend in with your kitchen with ease, whether you are looking for your laundry or a cooking appliance.

We select kitchen appliances with exceptional performance, with a manufacturer's warranty to offer peace of mind when you need it most. Your kitchen is the hub of the home, where you manage your daily lives, it's where the family congregates in the mornings before you rush off to work and school and it's where you relax in the evenings with a great meal and catch up on the day's events.

You want the best performance from your kitchen appliances whether it's your dishwasher or your fridge, at Ultimate Appliances we have it all. Just take a look around and see for yourself.

We are all working hard to lower our energy bills, so energy efficiency in your kitchen is something that is important to all of us. The brands offered on the Ultimate Appliances website are usually clearly marked with their energy efficiency, so you can make an informed decision on which kitchen appliance is right for your home.

Together with highly efficient top rated appliances, you are offered a wide choice of styles in a great range of colours that will compliment any kitchen space.

Finding the right appliances for your kitchen on Ultimate Appliances is easy. Give us a try!