Cater-Wash 18KG Heavy Duty Washing Machine. A++. 1300rpm Spin. Ad-A-Garment

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ASIN: B01MZ0LG0K BSR: 3,957
UPC: 767550663221 Brand: caterkwik
EAN: 0720780035497 Price: £1,199.99
Model: ck18kg Warranty: 2 year.
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Outstanding performance, efficiency & reliability.Wash large bulky items such as duvets or wash more items in a single load.The Cater-Wash CK8518 washing machine features: HUGE 18kg capacity with a small footprint. Spin speed selection to 1300rpm.Add a garment - add a garment to pause the washer to add to the wash. Then start the washer again from where the wash was paused. LED display with a time remaining indicator. Front load. 10 pre set wash cycles. Quick wash-50 minutes. Child lock. 13 amp plug & cold water feed for easy installation. Vibration control to ensure quiet operation & balanced washes even when spinning.2 suspension springs & 4 dampers provide maximum off-balance load protection with minimal vibration transfer to the floor. Large drum made from high quality stainless steel to cope with high temperatures & spin speeds. Drum shaped to move the laundry so all items get washed properly. Shock absorbing legs. Drain pump for easy installation with a drain filter which collects debris.Stain removal-pre programmed with the ideal wash & rinse settings to tackle 5 common stains.Extended tumble-Freshly tumbles you garments periodically for up to 8 hours after the wash cycle is complete to reduce creasing.Built in service test mode. Wash features Add steam - adds steam to loosen stains & remove odours. Soil selection.This increases/ decreases the wash time so if something is not heavily soiled you can save water by putting it on a lighter wash. Temperature selection - Adjust the temperature between 20, 30, 40, 60 and 75°C. My cycle-Save your favourite cycle. Pre-wash - this is an extra wash before the main wash. There is a separate compartment in the detergent draw for you to add pre wash detergent. Time saver-Use this to reduce the overall wash time by at least 5%. Delay the wash-up to 24 hours. Extra rinse.