Finether Dehumidifier Home Air Dehumidifier 12L/D Clothes Dryer│Electric Dehumidifier│24h Timer│Multi-mode│Drying Clothes│Auto Defrost│Anion Function│Auto Restart│Hose

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Finether home dehumidifier air dehumidifier moisture 12L/D clothes dryer│ intelligent electric dehumidifier with timer dehumidifier for damp quiet dehumidifier


-Dehumidify max capacity: 12L/D(30℃, 80%RH)

-Water tank max capacity: 1.5L

-Noise: ≤45dB(A)

-Usage temperature: 5℃-38℃

-Rated voltage: AC220-240V/50Hz

-Rated input power: 220W

-Rated current: 1.2A

-Refrigerant charge: R134a/100g

-Suction side pressure: 0.5MPa

-Discharge side pressure: 1.5MPa

-Dimensions of product: 315x180x492mm

-Weight of product: 10kg

Notes (Please read notices before using the dehumidifier):

1.After delivered, keeping this unit in an up-right down position for 4-6 hours before using

2.Always keep the unit in an up-right position to avoid leakage.

3.The unit should be applied in proper environmental temperature(5℃-38℃).

4.Do not block the air inlet grid or outlet grid with air blocking material such as clothing, paper and plastic bags.

5.Do not remove the float in the water tank, otherwise, the machine can not work or power on.

6.Turn off the unit and unplug it before any maintenance or repair to avoid electric shocks.

7.If the unit will not be used for an extended period of time, unplug the unit and drain the water tank completely. Store the unit in a cool, dry location.


-1x Dehumidifier with UK plug

-1x 1m hose (9.5mm dia.)

-1x User manual

If you have any doubt regarding this issue, please feel free to contact us. Have a nice day!:-)