TROTEC AirLock 1000 Door and Window Seal for portable air conditioners and tumble dryer Hot Air Stop

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AirLock from Trotec is Europe's best-selling window seal for combined use with one- or two-hose air conditioning units. The AirLock 1000 window seal extends the application possibilities of this practical accessory-set as it can also be used on terrace and balcony doors, as well as windows at ground level.

With the AirLock 1000, you can finally profit from the advantages of an energy-saving window sealing even with doors or very large windows!

The AirLock 1000 is the only window seal on the market to measure 560 cm. This makes the AirLock 1000 the first choice for the sealing of balcony and terrace doors or windows at ground level with rotary locks/tilt locks.

The exhaust air window seal AirLock 1000 can be installed between door or window and frame with just a few steps and has two variably adjustable zipper openings into which an exhaust hose end piece can be clamped seamlessly and precisely. This prevents the backflow of warm outside air into the room, which not only reduces the power consumption of your air-conditioning unit, but also prevents insects from entering the room.

If only one opening is required, the second zip opening remains simply invisible and air-tight. When leaving the house, the doors or windows can be closed without having to dismount the AirLock beforehand.

Benefits in practice:

Energy-saving door and window sealing

Increases cooling performance, reduces energy consumption

Ideal for terraces and balconies or windows at ground level

Thanks to two zipper openings, it is suitable for air-conditioning units with single-hose and two-hose technology

Variable to fit all hose diameters

Water resistant and washable

Prevents the penetration of warm air and insects

The window can be closed despite window sealing

Pay off in the shortest possible time

Easy self-assembly

Residue-free disassembly