2 X Croc Odor Fridge Deodoriser Twin Pack

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Spotless croc odour fridge deodoriser has been specially developed for normal fridges (capacities less than 150 litres). Croc odour neutralises and absorbs odours in your fridge. Prevents cross contamination of food flavours, protecting the taste of food. The gel contains natural seaweed extracts and is completely neutral, safe in a food environment and is fragrance free. It also has a temperature indicator to ensure your food stays safe and fresh. To ensure quality, freshness and the safety of food, the recommended fridge temperature is below 5 degree C. Directions Directions Remove white vent cap and protection foil. Replace vent cap firmly and place where needed in the fridge. Replace when level is at "End" indicator. For fridge capacities larger than 150 litres, we recommend using 2 Croc'odor Fridge units or 1 Croc'odor Fridge XL.