MYLEK Portable Air Cooler for Home with Remote Control & LCD Display - Timer Function, 3 Speeds, 3 Wind Settings & Oscillation (Viento Medium 4L)

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MYLEK Portable Air Cooler

The MYLEK Portable Air Cooler is a top-quality air cooler that keeps the heat off you with

trademark MYLEK style and reliability. With a specially designed front (with wide angle louvres)

made to cover as much space as possible with cool air, this unit is uniquely designed to give you

total control over your room temperature in those hot summer months!

This is an evaporative water cooler, which means it uses a tank of cool water and ice

packs to cool the air, and a fan to circulate it around the room. The effect is similar to the way

wind cools over a peaceful lake, meaning you get a natural-feeling, relaxing cool breeze even on

the hottest days.

It's packed with easy-to-use energy-saving features such as a timer, speed settings, wind types

and an oscillation function so you can control the rotation of the unit. All of this means it

circulates cool air around the room more efficiently so you can get the temperature just the way

you like it. The unit couldn't be easier to use, either with the included remote control or by using

the simple face buttons and a clear LCD display, and it's incredibly energy-efficient.

The lightweight design and small size means it's perfect for use anywhere in the home, and it

can easily be taken upstairs. It can even keep you cool in a small office or boardroom! For best

results, pop it near an open window and let the MYLEK Air Cooler provide a blissful, cool breeze!