Bladeless quiet Air conditioner fan,Evaporative coolers With dehumidifier and fan Single-cold Air cooler With remote control Energy saving Ground Air conditioner cooling fan-A

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Enjoy Portable Cooling With The Portable Air And Comfortable And The Multi Speed Cooling And Fan And 2-way Air Direction Help Spread The Air Evenly Throughout The room.

Air Conditioning Fan Type:Single Cold Type

Water Tank Capacity:3l-5l

Air Supply Type:Natural Wind/sleep Wind/standard Wind/super wind

Air Conditioning Fan Timing Function:More Than 7.5 hours



Designed For Minimal Energy consumption.

Program The Unit To Activate Or Shut Off At Preset Times With The timer

Included Remote Control Puts The Full Set Of Controls At Your fingertips

Led Display And Simple Selections Control Panel,Including A Mode Selection button.

Temperature Adjustments,And Fan Speed selectionfull-Function Remote Control

Auto-restart Saves Your Settings For When Power Is Restored To The Unit


1. Keep The Small Personal Air Conditioner Blance, Don't Tilt It When working.

2. Add Pure Water Or Household Tap Water,To Avoid Affecting The Cooling Function.

3. Adding 3/4 Water In The Tank Is The Best,Do Not Full filled.

4. Please Run Out Of The Water Everytime,To Prevent The Water Tank Left Some scale.

5. Use Cup Brush Or Toothbrush Clean The Water Tank Once A Week, Keep Clean And healthy.