Reacher Loud Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers - Dual Alarm Clock with Optional Weekday Alarm, Snooze, Backlight, Battery Operated Twin Bell Alarm Clocks

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Editorial Review

While a very unique collocation of grey and blue makes this vintage twin bell alarm clock look retro, at the same time it is full of unmatched youthful energy. The Retro style takes you back to the 1980s, with cute nice-looking touches to your inner child. It is perfect for men/ women/ adults/ kids/ school-going students/ children... virtually everybody!

3 Optional Alarm Settings

There are 3 optional alarm settings to pick from here: weekdays, weekends and every day. This is a perfect selection for students who want to wake up on weekdays and sleep during the weekends. Hold the "alarm 1 set (hold) /UP" button for about two seconds, "M-F S-S" flash. Press again to select them. Alarm 1 and Alarm 2 can be set the same way.


- M-F S-S = Monday through to Sunday;

- M-F = Monday through to Friday;

- S-S = Saturday through to Sunday.

Checking Time at Night

Gently touch the top "SNOOZE/ LIGHT" button. The orange backlight will help you to easily check time softly and clearly at night. The backlight turns off automatically after 8 seconds to save energy.

Checking Calendar

Double touch the top "SNOOZE/ LIGHT" button. The calendar will show up in the display but then it will go back to time display after 8 seconds.

Easy Snooze

When the alarm is going off, just touch the "SNOOZE/ LIGHT" button simply to get that extra 5 minutes of sleep.

Easily Turning the Alarm ON or OFF

Slide the left "ON/ OFF" button to turn on or switch off the alarm. The LED display will indicate either ON or OFF.

Power Source

The bell clock is powered by two AA batteries (not included thus purchased separately).