Air-clear powerful antibacterial spray for air conditioning units

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Air-clear AC Multipurpose Cleaner is a multi-surface cleaning spray for all types of AC units. It's non-corrosive, hazard free and user-friendly. Ready to use hand sprayer provides highly effective disinfectant action to ensure complete hygiene. Acts up to 300X faster than conventional chemicals. Complies with British & European Standards BS/EN 1276 & BS/EN 1275. Air-clear is the only AC cleaning product on the market that contains no carcinogens, requires no PPE and causes no inhalation risks.Fragrance free, and on commonly encountered bacteria, fungi, mould and viruses has a massive 99.999% kill rate. Designed to be used as part of a deep clean, or during any intermediary maintenance work. Purpose developed for use in live environments with no risks to clients and no PPE requirements. Sir-clear does not suffer evaporation like many other alcohol based cleaning disinfectants, meaning less product is used during the cleaning process, therefore, more value for money. Airborne microbes and bacteria settle on coils and drain pan causing a biofilm layer. This layer attaches itself to the surface, becoming resistant to antimicrobial cleaners.The World Health Organisation has addressed and reviewed the fact that microbes emit spores, cells, & VOC's which contribute to asthma and respiratory illness. Cleaning an AC unit with Air-clear eliminates surface biofilms and leaves a long-lasting coat preventing and controlling surface biofilm formation for up to three weeks.