Majome Hot Air Stop Conditioner Outlet Window Sealing Kit for Mobile Air Conditioners

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The installation is simple and uncomplicated: with magic sticker, the textile seal is fixed circumferentially in the window breach, whereby its length of 3.80 m also allows use on larger windows.
The integrated zipper now offers the possibility of guiding the exhaust hose through the seal at a variable position. Completely connected is the air conditioning.
If the hose is pulled out of the seal and this is reefed inwards, the window can be closed at any time without having to remove the textile film.
Another positive effect: insects, such as wasps, flies and mosquitoes, are prevented by the window seal as well to penetrate into your rooms, such as unwanted warm air.

Product Name: Window Seal Cloth
Compatible with all common types of windows.
Suitable for: All mobile air conditioners and air dryers
Material: Water Repellent and good light transmission
Color: White
1 x window seal cloth
1 x adhesive tape