Nyxi Set of 10 Interior Wardrobe Dehumidifier - 500 ml Each Unit - Ideal to stop damp, mould mildew & condensation - Remove damp and improve air quality

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Set of 10 Interior Wardrobe Dehumidifier - 500 ml Each Unit QUALITY ASSURANCE: If you do not notice moisture absorbed in form of water in lower part of dehumidifier unit within 3-5 days after us and a reduction and elimination of mould smell in just a few days, we will issue you a full refund. You will definitely be surprised how much water collected in the bag after a few days, removing all the smelly moisture, dampness and humidity out of your rooms, wardrobes, cars, offices, warehouses etc. USAGE: These interior dehumidifier units are ideal for eliminating moisture, dump, condensation, humidity in your closets, bathrooms, laundry rooms, basements, garages, boats, offices, cars, warehouses etc. They work fantastic in keeping your items and fabrics from distractive effects of mould and moisture keeping them dry. They do not dry the air excessively and will not cause any damage to plants, furniture or other household items. BENEFITS: Nyxi interior dehumidifier 500ml will last up to 60 days depending on temperature and condition. Absorbing and eliminating excess moisture that can cause damp-feeling fabrics and damage clothes and leather goods. They also remove the unpleasant, musty smell caused by moisture, and fragrance products leave a light, pleasurable scent in its place. Good for bedroom, bathroom, dormitory, basements, wardrobe, closet , bookcase , cabinets, office, conference room , guesthouse etc. HOW TO USE: 1 - Remove the plastic wrap around the unit. 2 - Remove the plastic cap, and then remove the aluminium sheet (do not remove the white sheet beneath the aluminium sheet ). 3 - Once you removed the aluminium protective sheet, place the plastic cap back to its place. 4 - Your dehumidifier unit is ready, place them anywhere you wish to trap the moisture. The white granular will absorb the moisture in the air and become water, when the white granular completely disappear, only then you need to replace it with a new one.