Inventor Avra 12L Portable Dehumidifier, with Silent mode,Auto Restart,Digital control panel, Continuous Dehumidification with 2-year Warranty

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Inventor presents our new series of dehumidifiers with model AVRA 12L.

This compact dehumidifying gem is specifically designed to operate silently and effectively while eliminating unwanted moisture from the air, with a a removal capability of 12 liters per day.

Its Silent function (silent mode) makes it ideal for any type of room, bedroom, bathroom or office while its compact, innovative design and its space-saving structure together with its ergonomic handle and its built-in, durable wheels allow movements without any effort.

Pick the continuous dehumidification function when immediate dehumidification is required or to speed up the drying of your laundry.

Avoid the continuous emptying of the water tank a, due to continuous drainage feature.

The new automatic defrosting technology allows to operate even in colder places.

  • With the "-" and "+" buttons the desired humidity level can be set in an operating range from 35% (relative humidity) to 85% (relative humidity) with intervals of 5%
  • When the humidity level of the room reaches the set humidity level, the dehumidifier stops operating, lowering considerably energy consumption.
  • When humidity increases, the unit will automatically resume its operation.

  • 24 Hour Timer
  • Auto-Restart function
  • Auto-Diagnosis displaying errors on the display
  • Refrigerant leaking detection.
  • Compressor with built-in hygrostat
  • 2 Years Warranty Inventor