Afloia 700ml Home Dehumidifier Air Dryer Absorbs Humidity 300ml Per Day Electric Moisture Absorber With Detachable Water Tank for Home, Bedroom, Bathroom, Caravan, Kitchen

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Afloia mini dehumidifier - The dehumidifier expert around you

By removing excess moisture from the air, reduce the humidity rate in any part of your place, our mini dehumidifier can prevent moisture damage and provide greater comfort for your life.

Our mini dehumidifier is suitable for removing damp, mold and moisture from home, small room, kitchen, bathroom, office, RV, etc.

Compressor free, no chemicals, no moving parts, an environmental friendly product.

Simple one-button control,easy to use to provide you healthy and enjoyable breathing air.


1. 700ml capacity water tank.

2. Auto-Off and LED indicator when water tank is full.(the YELLOW LED will on)

3. Energy efficient with low power consumption.

4. Compact, portable and lightweight moisture absorber.

5. No noise when you sleep at night.


1. Material:ABS plastic

2. Power: 23W

3. Voltage: 9V

4. Size: 163*107*267mm

5. Water Tank Volume: 700ml

6. Working capacity: 300ml/D

7. Coverage area: 10-20㎡

8. Operating Temperature: 10℃-50℃

In order to improve the efficiency of dehumidifier:

1. Close doors and windows where you run your dehumidifier

2. Please check whether the environmental humidity and temperature have met basic requirements, temperature ≥ 20℃, relative humidity ≥ 60%

Package include:

1 x Mini Dehumidifier

1 x Adapter Charger

1 x Instruction Manual

Please note:

1. Keep the front air inlets and top air outlets free from being blocked when the dehumidifier is working.

2. Pour the water out when you don't need to use the dehumidifier.

3. This is a mini dehumidifier for small spaces, the dehumidification capacity is limited compared with the air compression dehumidifier.