Inventor Chilly 9000BTU Portable Air Conditioner

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Model: Warranty: 2-year inventor warranty.
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"Dedicated only to perfection, all Inventor products, stand far from competition due to their robust, stylish and innovative design.

Our innovations in electric appliances is an everyday experience for people around the world.

Via our devotion, to create superior products and services across all areas of expertise, we strive to enhance the quality of your living conditions. "

"Chill out" and enjoy with the Chilly Portable Air Conditioner by Inventor. You can now enjoy quick-cooling action whenever and wherever.

Turn hot sunny days to a positive experience, and take advantage of the summer heat. Let our Chilly do all the hard work for you!

Our 9,000 BTU model efficiently manages the ambient temperature, removing excess heat guaranteeing comfort.

Specially designed for ultimate portability, the machine hides quietly in a corner, along the wall, or anywhere you have access to a small sliver of window space.

Simply adjust the window slider, put the exhaust hose in place and experience fast, cold, soothing fresh air with one touch on the remote.

Package Contains:

-Inventor Chilly 9000 BTU mobile air conditioner

-Wireless remote controller (excl. 2x AAA batteries)

-Owner's manual


Despite its exceptionally portable design, our air conditioner still requires access to a window or similar outdoor opening in order to effectively expel hot air from the room. Please note that this product will not work in a windowless room, basement, or attic.

Important Note:

*Window slider with flexible duct is not included in the package, it is in a separate box and should be ordered together.