belukies Air Conditioner Exhaust Hose Extension/window Adapter/long/Counterclockwise - Portable Air Conditioner Exhaust Pipe

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Belukies Air Conditioner Exhaust Hose Extension/window Adapter/long/ Counterclockwise - Portable Air Conditioner Exhaust Pipe


Specifications Shrinkage Length Stretch Length Weight

1.5m 15cm 28cm 1.5m 0.7 kg

1.5m 13cm 32cm 1.5m 0.6 kg

2m 15cm 40cm 2m 0.95 kg

2m 13cm 42cm 2m 0.85 kg

Universal compatibility: The exhaust hose is suitable for all types of portable air conditioning models. As long as you use the same hose, the connector has a diameter of 13/15 cm (outer edge to outer edge) and its thread is counterclockwise.

Free stretch and shrink: The hose is retractable, shortens to 32/42 cm and can be extended to 150/200 cm, making it easy to extend the length of the exhaust hose to fit anywhere you want.

Durable and sturdy: The hose is made of polypropylene for flexibility, durability and portability, which is a good alternative to prevent air conditioning from leaking when the basic exhaust hose breaks.

Easy to install: Gently extend the exhaust hose, meet the existing hose, align the ends, rotate clockwise until it clicks into place, easy to install.


Before you buy, make sure your portable air conditioner is the right size and thread.


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