GIONIEN Ceramic Hob 60cm Electric Cooktop Burner, Built in Black Glass Cooker with 4 Cooking Zones GCE460TC

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UPC: 613464772750 Brand: Foshan Shunde Techno Electrical Appliances Co Ltd
EAN: 0613464772750 Price: £99.99
Model: GCE460TC Warranty:
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Smart Home Kitchen Products, Give You A Well Organized Kitchen. Enjoy Your Cooking Time with Your Family and Friends!

The ceramic hob caters for all kind of cooking, with its radiant heat cooking zones, electronic touch controls and multi-functions,making it the ideal choice for the modern family.

Power Levels

The electric cooktop has 9 power levels of heat setting, you can choose your desired power usage from 100 W to 1800 W, easily meets your various cooking requirements such as simmer, deep fry, boil, sauté, sear, steam, slow cook and grill with ease. 

Timer System

The hob timer helps you Stay in Control when juggling lots of different pots and pans, giving you the confidence to try more adventurous meals - instead of Burnt, Overcooked or Undercooked food that doesn't taste all that great and is potentially dangerous.

Touch Control

Simply adjust the power level or temperature set to your desired level; delicate touch control is fully functional even when you operate with wet or greasy fingers, holding press to have persistent power and timer setting change at a time. 

Safety Features

This ceramic hob offers a residual heat indicator. When the hob is turned off, there will still be some residual heat. The letter 'H' appears to warn you when the surface is still too hot to touch.

Easy to Clean

To obtain the best results from your ceramic hob, simply wipe down with a damp cloth after use and it will look as good as new. Please make sure that the heat indicator has gone off and the hob is cool to touch.

Cooking Zones: Heating element--ceramic

Total Power 6000W

Top Left 1800W

Top Right 1200W

Bottom Left 1200W

Bottom Right 1800W