L.TSA 2000W Wall-Mounted air Conditioner Fan, Waterproof Bathroom Ceramic heater, Adjustable Thermostat, Digital Automatic Timer, Detachable Drying Rack

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Heater* 1
Product size: picture description
Rated voltage: 220v
Power: 2000W
Adjustment: three modes
Constant temperature range: 18 to 55 ° C
Control mode: remote control
Material: ptc ceramic heating
Overheat protection: support
Weight: 2.5kg
Use area: 10 to 20 square meters
Applicable occasions: home, living room, bedroom, bathroom, office, etc.
Features: 1, quiet, quiet working environment.
2, flame retardant shell material
3. There is no bright light when working.
4,5 seconds to quickly heat the air
5, large area high temperature air outlet
6, can be placed on the table or under the table/wall hanging
7,120° swing heating space
8. Cold air + hot air, can be used in summer and winter
9. Flexible and detachable drying rack
10. Free all accessories